Bath Foam
Character-based tubes off bath foam,manufactured by Wright,Layman & Umney

130ml tubes,approximately 16.5cm tall,with different character artwork on the front.

A range of characters were produced from both Camberwick and Trumpton starting in 1971.
And the same company was also responsible for the range of toothpaste characters at around the same time, and using virtually the same tube design.
Which makes you wonder how many mums absent-mindedly squirted toothpaste in the bath water.

And the intention with both products was clearly to generate pester power to get all the different ones.
Although it would appear that most still ended up in landfill,judging by the low number of sightings these days.

These 3 pics are ... ​2 adverts .... the 1st from a 1971 Woman's magazine .... the 2nd from a 1972 kids comic.

And a typical example of what they looked like,with the box design being standard throughout the range.
In addition to Captain Flack,the only others I've seen any physical evidence of are ...

The Mayor ...Dr.Mopp ... and ... Sgt.Major Grout.

And they can all be seen on the Toiletry Gift Sets page. ( a later repackaging ).
But they also give an insight into some of the others that must have been produced too.
Windy ( obviously ) ... Captain Snort ( because of Grout ) ... Mickey Murphy ... Mrs Cobbit ( her toothpaste tube was very colourful ).

After that things start getting a bit more complicated.Simply because any prospective candidate really needs a "hook" to be easily identifiable  ie. a uniform of some description ... or some flowers in Mrs Cobbit's case.

Although someone like Mrs.Honeyman was certainly an "A" lister and a distinctive enough dresser to pass the test. But Miss Lovelace without here 3 dogs  ? Not so sure.
And so it goes on.

So,as ever,watch this space.