Books on this site - 2024 update

The present ... 

Because there are so many books to list I've always found ways to put off making a start.
And very successful it's been too !

But it's not solely a question of the time involved.

Most are basic story books ... sold in large numbers ... and still easily accessible on ebay.

So it's hard to see what benefit there would be to anyone,even if I did make the effort.

The future ...

The current thinking is simply to target all the rarer,more interesting,examples that you'll struggle to find elsewhere.

For instance ... things like the activity books,which are generally a lot harder to find.And good fun too.

So I've put together a sample page,in a format that can easily be rolled-out as and when I find anything of interest.
Which should have the dual benefit of substantially freeing-up my things-to-do pile.Whilst also making it a bit more of an event for anyone visiting the site.

How far it gets is anyone's guess.
But at least it's eminently do-able.And more than I've managed to come up with so far !

So,let's round things off for now with that sample