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Gordon Murray's concept of multiple characters and locations mant publishers would never be short of source material. And when Camberwick proved to be such a big hit the juggernaut was set in motion,with every imagineable type of book....and lots of them !

As you'd expect,the majority came out between 1966 and the early 70's.
With Camberwick heading the pack,Trumpton coming a fairly close second and Chigley a noticeably poor third. Which is a pretty accurate reflection of their respective popularity,as merchandise sales usually are of course.But it all added up to the sort of extensive spin-off library that most kids authors can only dream about,and only a tiny handful get anywhere near.

It's sometimes easy to forget the impact these sorts of books had in those pre-digital days.
And let's hope that future generations of kids are never denied the simple tactile pleasure of actually holding a printed book in their hands.Because it's something e-books can never replace.
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Well,as you can probably tell,an apology is in order I'm afraid.
Because,so far,the entire focus of the site has been on all things "non-book".But things are finally moving.......offline.
And,hopefully,2020 will indeed see some books here as follows :-

Each of these categories cover all 3 series :-

  • Picture books (with drawn illustrations) - This category represents by far the biggest selection.

  • Picture books (with photos of the actual puppets and sets)

  • Activity books (colouring-in,cut-out etc)

  • Annuals

  • Pop-ups.