Camberwick Race Game
Produced in 1975 by Arrow Games,who were part of MB Games by then,and are best known for their jigsaws.

It's a very straightforward game,as you'd expect,so I'll let the photos do most of the talking.
But I can confirm that this particular example is 100% complete.
Enlarged text  here
And the reason for including the book photo  ? 

Well,simply to mention the illustrator.
Because whilst you'd probably look blank if I mentioned the name Peter Adby,he was the man behind both sets of artwork,and also worked on lots of the other Dean & Sons books too.

He invariably got a credit for his book work.
But doesn't get a mention anywhere on this product,because artists usually went unrecognised on board games.
Which is not only rather odd,but also particularly unfortunate when the imagery was often the best bit about them.
And why I'm more than happy to oblige.
There was nothing stored underneath this raised bit of cardboard
Board thumb