Camberwick Soldier Skittles
File these under "short,but sweet" - and that goes for my description too ......

A nice,early little set featuring Captain Snort,Sergeant Major Grout and six "soldier boys".
Made in 1966 by Codeg (aka Cowan De Groot) with the figures and balls all made of plastic.
And,just to give an idea of scale,the box measures approximately 18" x 6".

I realise UK kids were an easy lot to please back then,with an almost total absence of any tech distractions other than a radio and a 3 channel tv.But it wouldn't have killed Codeg to at least provide a chute for the ball.
Which would've at least helped to balance out the healthy dose of lead paint I presume they did come with.

A pretty timeless product though,that even today's pre-schooler's would probably find irresistable for a while.

Sadly,they'll have to make to do with the Postman Pat equivalent -or whoever happens to be flavour of the month at the moment.Because boxed examples of these are thin on the ground.