Danbury Mint 
A set of 12 plates called "The Golden Age of Children's Television".

Produced by Danbury Mint in 1999,they feature 12 different tv series for young children,that used either animation or string puppets.And Camberwick and Trumpton get one each.

Approximately 8" (20cm) in diameter,they've got a 22 carat gold band around the rim.
Which flatters them hugely,because they're just cheap transfer prints stuck on a plain white plate at the end of the day.

They all use still photos from the series.
But The Woodentops, Muffin the Mule and Bill & Ben had to be artificially coloured as they were only filmed in black & white.And the results are no better than some of those hand-tinted photos you see from the turn of the century.
So it's a visually uneven set too.

In fact,let's be brutally honest ....... they're cheap tat.

Anyhow,all 12 are pictured,just for the benefit of any Google arrivals in search of their own favourite.
And I've named them all,even though most don't need any introduction of course.
Magic Roundabout
Paddington Bear
Pinky and Perky
The Herbs
Muffin the Mule
Pogles Wood
Bill and Ben
The Woodentops