Egg Cups
A set of 3 plastic egg cups,manufactured by a company called MM,in Hong Kong.

Captain Snort,PC McGarry and Windy Miller of course.Arguably the 3 most obvious choices to represent Camberwick.

Approximately 9 cm tall with white liners in the hats,which weren't removable.
Undated,but almost certainly from 1966,and definitely no later than 1968.

I seem to have misplaced my photos of the box.But it only featured the 3 in question.And I've never seen any others,so I think we can safely say that that's all there were.  cont. ....
I also haven't seen any ceramic versions either.
Which is probably more surprising,given that a china egg cup seemed to be standard issue for all 1960's kids tv series.
And plastic and melamine still hadn't completely banished china to the display cabinet.
That said,a lot of the ceramic ones were just straight-sided cups with a cheap transfer-print applied to a plain white glaze. So these character-shaped efforts are much more fun,and usually more sought after as a result,even if they are plastic.
And what a strangely visceral pleasure it must have been,to be able to dunk your eggy soldier into Windy's cranium !

Unboxed and "well-loved" examples are easier to find and kinder on the pocket of course.
And if you're looking for some Camberwick kitsch then you'll be hard-pressed to find anything better quite frankly.