Iron-On Motifs
A collection of "Iron-On Motif's",made in Switzerland by an unknown manufacturer.

And all of that information is courtesy of the retail display sheet in the photo.
But I've seen some others they did for The Magic Roundabout and The Herbs in 1972,and the largest figures for those were about 2.5" tall.So I presume these came out at roughly the same time and are roughly the same sort of size.

You'd think they'd be wafer-thin transfers as they're "iron-on",but they're actually bits of woven cloth.
Which makes you wonder how many washes it took before they worked loose.Although the answer's probably "as long as you'd expect for something costing 20p" -if the faded price on the card is to be believed.

I somehow doubt we've got the complete set here though.
Because The Mayor's presence shows it's one of those ocassions where the phrase "Camberwick Green" was used to cover Trumpton characters as well.And it would be strange if he was the town's only representative ( firemen ?)
But funnier things have happened I suppose.