Kemps Biscuits 
A tin of biscuits,manufactured by

Kemps Biscuits Ltd,Great Coates,Grimsby,Lincs, England

Approximately 9" x 8.5" and 4" tall.

It carries a 1968 copyright date.

And a nett weight of 3lb
Which is a lot of biccies.
Although there's nothing to say what sort they were sadly.

Kemps started manufacturing in 1926 and were eventually
taken over by United Biscuits in 1972.
But that's all Google could tell me about them.

And it would be nice to find out some more and get a few pics of the factory around the late 60's when this tin was produced.
Anyone ?
When you think of decorative biscuit tins though,it's usually Huntley & Palmer that springs to mind.
And they certainly produced similar kids' tv spin-offs.

But not for Trumptonshire sadly.
And,for whatever reason,they join the list of "ones who got away." [see bottom of home page]

The good news of course is that this one's a belter.
And if the biccies were half-as-good as the tin I'd like to think it sold well -if only to reward Kemps for taking a punt and doing such a good job.

Either way,it's certainly one of my favourite bits of Trumptonalia,and it makes me smile whenever I see it.
Easily pleased ? Probably. And I'm not even going to try and claim I bought it purely to store things in either !

Close-up pics of the top and all 4 side panels follow....