A sheet of Letraset rub-down transfers produced in 1972

It was a one-off Camberwick item produced as part of their "Fun Doodles" series - reference GK 108.
Although I've yet to find one with the original packaging.

They also produced a larger version of Windy Miller on his own as part of their "Super Doodles" range.
And whilst I've yet to obtain a photograph,I know it came out in 1973 and has the reference number GK 145.
I'm also currently presuming that he was another one-off Camberwick effort,as I've yet to hear of any others ...... or any for Trumpton either.

And whilst someone may still have an old school exercise book plastered with evidence to the contrary,we'll probably have to rely on unsold,ex-shop stock emerging at some point.
Which maybe isn't such a forlorn hope given how many were produced.  Continued below pic  ....
As well as selling sheets of transfers on their own,the company also produced printed booklets with panoramic scenes that you could apply them to.And very good they were too.

A Trumptonshire version would've been a perfect fit with all the locations and characters available of course.
But,sadly,I know for certain that they didn't do one.And what a missed opportunity that was !

Letraset today   ?

Well,they're actually still going - unlike most British manufacturers of the period -and still producing transfers.

But they abandoned these sorts of kids' pop-art products in the late 70's as demand dwindled.
And they now concentrate on the rather more serious [and profitable] arts-and-crafts and caligraphy markets.

Which is a shame,speaking as someone who frivilously scribbled for Britain.
And what's slightly puzzling is that the interest tailed-off long before anyone could blame it on counter-attractions like the internet and games consoles etc.
Which just goes to show what a fickle bunch kids are !

Not that Letraset's exit killed the market completely,because you can still find transfers of your favourite pop group or tv stars today.
But you do have to look a lot harder to find them.