Climbing Fireman Toy
A 1960's mechanical Trumpton Climbing Fireman,produced by Louis Marx.

This is one of the very few fireman-related toys produced.
Which is pretty amazing really,when you consider just how popular they were.
And there wasn't even anything at all from the likes of Corgi or Dinky.
Which is all the more puzzling when you consider all the other vehicles they could've chosen from to make up a nice little Trumptonshire range. But there you go.
In fact the only stand-alone toy that featured all of the firemen together with their fire engine was a late-in-the-day effort produced by Bradgate (page here

Anyhow,here's how this was described in the 1967 Louis Marx Trade Catalogue :-

" Ref.735. Trumpton Town Climbing Fireman.
Straight out of one of the best-loved children's tv features.
A delightful toy for the younger child,with its base gaily decorated with other
Trumpton characters.
The solemn-faced fireman with his "golden" helmet,blue coat and black boots and his bright yellow ladder.
Wind him up and watch him climb.
Measures (fireman) 9.5" tall (ladder,fully extended) 22" high. Attractively boxed."

A few interesting choices of words in there :-

"features" -betraying the company's american roots.
"gaily" -from more innocent times,even allowing for the spelling
"solemn-faced" -interesting choice of words for an upbeat bit of kids fun !

The one shown opposite corresponds with a lot of the examples I've seen and has a silver coloured ladder rather than the "bright yellow" one mentioned above.
Which I'm presuming is how it left the factory,rather than being the result of some subsequent cleaning.

And,just to muddy the waters further,there are also examples where the ladder is indeed yellow,but the fireman has a much lighter,pale blue jacket ( same box)  
Example here.
2 piece slot together ladder.
Integral wind-up key.
Flick the bum switch to activate
No batteries required.
And no hose supplied !
But toy collectors will be well aware that manufacturers often produced items in different colours without actually highlighting the fact on the packaging.Which I've never managed to get to the bottom of,given that it presumably cost more to do and no-one would've been any the wiser.
And,in the world of Trumptonalia,the most obvious beneficiaries of such benevolence are the "pop and flop" toys here