PC CD-Rom Fun Pack
A PC CD-Rom "Fun Pack "created by Allsorts Distribution Ltd of Oxfordshire.

Trumptonshire at the turn of the new millenium,and boldly trying to go where no Windy had gone before !

Basically just a large cardboard box with a cd-rom in it.
Oh,and 2 flyers -one for the instructions and one advertising the Robert Harrop figures.

And,sadly,the cd's hardly packed with goodies either.With just some very basic games,quizzes,screensavers,trivia and other bits and pieces.

In other words......nice box,shame about the content.

To be fair,it did come out in 2001,so it's obviously going to seem pretty lame today.
And whilst I admit that I'm desperately trying to recall what the tech scene was actually like in 2001,I kind of get the feeling it wasn't exactly pulling up any trees back then either.
                                                                                                                            The back cover's clickable.