Paper Cups and Plates
Paper party cups and plates produced by a company called Pleasure Products in 1972.

If we logically assume that these were part of a kid's party set,then there's a good chance there are some paper napkins and party hats floating around too.Although I've yet to see any sadly.

Only a 2nd hand ebay pic of the cups so far [inset left]
But I've been lucky enough to get hold of the Mary,Mungo & Midge versions that the company produced at around the same time [further down]
And I know they also did a similar range for the Magic Roundabout and probably some others too.   Cont ......
The plates are about 19cm in diameter and,according to the Mary,Mungo ones below,you got 8 to a pack.
And whilst I haven't got any of the Camberwick packaging,I do know that they were also shrink-wrapped in clear polythene,but with a green version of the oval label that was actually placed inside the package rather than stuck on the outside.

As you can see,the copyright message reads "Gordon Murray,Medallion 1972.Made in England".
"Medallion" as in Medallion Press,who also produced the TV Lotto and TV Dominoes sets.
Although I've yet to establish whether they were a subsiduary of Pleasure Products,or it was the other way round.

Rather disappointingly,every plate has exactly the same design,with blank undersides.
The characters are all from Camberwick.And if they did any Trumpton versions I've yet to see them.
Quite a nice design,although it's a surprise to see Windy pushed to the background.And I'm not sure the choice of colours does it too many favours,particularly when compared with the really vibrant Mary,Mungo version.
But hopefully they went down well -if not literally !
So ....... here they are some 50 years later ........ relics of a time when .........

.... Ice cream simply meant Walls or Lyons Maid.

.... Crisps were courtesy of either Smiths or Golden Wonder.

.... There were just 3 tv channels ... no pc's ... playstations ... mobile phones ... dvds ... vhs videos .....or even a satnav to help your mum get you from A to B !

.... And Trumptonshire life still had the occasional resonance with everyday experience.

Happy days ?  Well,certainly less complicated.
But,as with any generation,childhood is largely dictated by the hand fate deals you with your parents and what you personally strive to get out of it,rather than all the extraneous stuff above.

And with that I must rejoin the party.
Clutching my paper plate,in the neverending pursuit of life's jelly and ice cream.