Pop-up and Flop Figures
Small,plastic spring-loaded figures made by "OK Toys" of Hong Kong in 1966.

"Pop-up and flop" is simply what I call them,in the absence of any alternative supplied by the manufacturer.And I've seen similar items called all sorts of different things.So it's entirely possible you'll know them as something else.

But at least my version is descriptive.
Because they're small plastic toys approximately 4.5" tall,which sit on an inner base and
this contains a spring that's attached to the head,arms and torso by a series of strings.
So that when you press down on it,the spring is compressed,the strings slacken and the
whole thing flops down above the knees.

This presumably meant the casualty rate was very high in small hands.
So the fact there are still a surprising number of healthy survivors floating about
leads you to think that sales figures were probably just as healthy.

Here's the list of characters,with their manufacturer reference numbers :-
  • Windy -             No.3112
  • Dr.Mopp -           No.3113
  • Captain Snort -    No.3116
  • P.C.McGarry -       No.3117

It seems almost certain now that there aren't any others.
So if numbers 3114 & 3115 do actually exist then they're not related to Camberwick.And the same goes for 3118 and beyond. But,as always on this site......"never say never".

The pics,below,also reveal that there were at least 3 different colour versions of Windy.
All originally sold like that and not simply the result of a paint job by a creative owner.And one of the surprisingly frequent occasions when manufacturers threw in random colour variations without actually flagging them up to the buyer.

Dr.Mopp also gets exactly the same treatment.And,like Windy,the same 3 colours are used for each one,but just swapped around in different combinations between the hat,torso and legs/base.

McGarry and Snort were always going to be far less susceptible to such changes simply because you can't take many liberties with uniforms.And I've yet to see any.

One other little twist is that McGarry carries a later,1967,copyright mark.And whilst that might initially raise hopes of some Trumpton versions,I can definitely confirm that none have ever surfaced,sadly.
In case you skipped the text above and are wondering what's going on here,please read the last 4 short paragraphs beginning "The pics,below,also reveal ............."
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