A set of 31 1960's kids tv postcards by Arthur Dixon - of which 18 were for Camberwick and Trumpton.

These were all produced by Arthur Dixon in 1969.
Clearly a set,although I've yet to find any evidence that they were collectively marketed as such.

Numbers 1 to 8       feature stills from The Herbs
Numbers 9 to 26     feature stills from both Camberwick and Trumpton (9 for each series)
Numbers 27 to 31   feature stills of Basil Brush

The titles of the 18 Camberwick & Trumpton examples,below,are reproduced exactly as written on the backs.
As are the reference numbers.And each one is listed in reference number order.

Most,if not all,of the images were specially staged shots,as opposed to being lifted directly from the original footage.
Some were also used for other products -most notably,the jigsaws.
BBC9  L6/ 8402  " Captain Flack,Pugh 1,Pugh 2,Barney McGrew and Grubb with Mr.Craddock "
BBC10  L6/ 8403   " The Mayor,Town Clerk,Captain Flack and Fire Brigade decorate the Town Hall "
BBC11  L6/ 8404   
" The Mayor sits for his portrait "
BBC12  L6/ 8405
" The Mayor,Mr.Troop,Chippy and Nibs in the Mayor's Parlour "
BBC13  L6/ 8406
" The Mayor presents the Prizes at the Flower and Vegetable Show "
BBC14  L6/ 8407
"Captain Flack and the Fire Brigade to the rescue at the Flower Show"
BBC15  L6/ 8408  
" Mr.Dagenham drops in on Windy Miller "
BBC16  L6/ 8409
" Disaster at the Post Office  "
BBC17  L6/ 8410
" Captain Snort,Sgt. Major Grout and the Soldierboys at Pippin Fort  "
BBC18  L6/ 8411
" Doctor Mopp at a Medical Inspection  "
BBC19  L6/ 8412
Peter Hazell collecting the Post  "
BBC20  L6/ 8413 " P.C.McGarry looks at Mr.Dagenham's sports-car outside Mr.Crockett's Garage "
BBC21  L6/ 8414
Mrs.Honeyman outside Mr.Murphy's Bakery  "
BBC22  L6/ 8415
Inside the Post Office with Mrs.Dingle  "
BBC23  L6/ 8416
Farmer Jonathan Bell getting ready for Market  "
BBC24  L6/ 8417
Road works outside Mr.Carraway's Fish Shop  "
BBC25  L6/ 8418 Mrs.Cobbitt, the flowerseller, talks to Miss Lovelace, watched by Daphne,Mitzi and Lulu  "
BBC26  L6/ 8419
Activity outside Miss Lovelace's Shop  "