A tin of talc produced by Wright,Layman & Umney Ltd of London.

It's approximately 10 cm tall x 5 cm wide,and has a 1970 copyright mark.

We'll ignore the fact that Trumpton's Mayor appears on a Camberwick Green product.
Because it's a bit like calling every brand of vacuum cleaner a "Hoover".
ie. not strictly accurate,but universally understood. 

It also featured as part of various Camberwick toiletry gift sets later on in the 70's.
But it appears to have been a stand-alone product when first released.

Which probably sounds odd on 2 fronts.
Firstly because a single tin isn't the easiest thing to market ... and,secondly,when it's full of talcum powder !

But it has to be remembered that talcum powder really was an absolute staple for every household with small kids back then.So,what better than a fun Camberwick version to put a smile on juniors face ?

In fact practically every successful tv series targetting that age group invariably included a tin of talc -sometimes even if their licensing portfolio wasn't that big.
With The Clangers being a good example.Because the amount of merchandising that appeared when the series first appeared was surprisingly thin-on-the-ground.But it still had it's own tin of talc !

Fast forward through the decades though and it's just one of those things that a lot of people seem to use less.

Although I don't really know whether there are simply better alternatives now,or it's just something that's simply fallen out of fashion a bit.

So it's obviously pushing it a bit to call this little Camberwick example a bit of social history.
But it's definitely a great little collectable.
And with that in mind ...

Ebay tip:-  Scratches to the paintwork will invariably have gone rusty.So always ask about the sides you aren't shown And that includes the bottom.            

Nice artwork,and reason enough for a better look at all 4 sides.
Talcum Powder