A tin of talc produced by Wright,Layman & Umney Ltd of London.

It's approximately 10 cm tall x 5 cm wide,and has a 1970 copyright mark.

We'll ignore the fact that Trumpton's Mayor appears on a Camberwick Green product.
Because it's a bit like calling every brand of vacuum cleaner a "Hoover".
ie. not strictly accurate,but universally understood. 

It also featured as part of various Camberwick toiletry gift sets later on in the 70's.
But it appears to have been a stand-alone product when first released.

Which is odd.
Because a single tin is never the easiest thing to market ... and,especially when it's full of talcum powder !

But it has to be remembered that talcum powder really was an absolute staple for every household with small kids back then.So,a Camberwick version was no surprise.

In fact practically every successful tv series targetting that age group invariably included a tin of talc -sometimes even if their licensing portfolio wasn't actually that big.
With The Clangers being a good example.Because the amount of merchandising that appeared when the series first appeared was surprisingly thin-on-the-ground ... but it still had it's own tin of talc !

Fast forward through the decades though and it's steadily fallen out of favour.

Although I don't know whether it's because there are better alternatives these days.Or it's just something that's simply fallen out of fashion a bit.

But I do know that this Camberwick example is a great little collectable.
And if you're interested in getting one online, just be a little wary of scratches and rust.
So always ask about the sides you aren't shown And that includes the bottom.            

Nice artwork,and reason enough for a better look at all 4 sides.
Talcum Powder