The actual toothpaste

The manufacturer was Wright,Layman & Umney,who also brought out similar branded toiletries for other kids tv shows.
Not to mention other Trumptonshire toiletry items.Which are all covered elesewhere on this site.

So far I know of 8 different characters,in 4 different flavours -"Cherry" ,"Minty","Fruity" and "Cola"    Group pic here

What still needs to be confirmed ....

1. When did production cease ? Current theory > No idea.

And ....

2. Were there more than the 8 different characters I'm currently aware of  ?

Current theory > Entirely possible ...
The presence of Mrs Cobbitt as the only Trumpton resident means it would be very surprising not to see the likes of The Mayor and Cptn.Flack ... at the very least.

And ....

3. Were there any design variations during the production run ? ie. A Windy mk 1 and 2 etc.

Current theory > Unlikely. Although not quite as unlikely as finding any Chigley characters ( nothing new there ! )

And finally ...

A slightly leftfield one to end with. But when did this range first include fluoride ? 

Which seems a bizarre question simply because it's impossible to imagine toothpaste without it of course.
But it was only introduced in the UK in the early 70's.
And whilst I'm almost certain these products didn't contain any at the time of the launch,it's inclusion was flagged-up in the 1975 ad,above.
And is also mentioned on some of the packaging that's surfaced.Although it's unknown when those particular items first appeared.

So still plenty of answers required.And,until then ...
Probably the most iconic bits of Trumptonshire merchandise produced - ?

They seem to have left a particularly lasting impression with anyone who got one as a child.
And are still valued today as adult collectables.

No surprise that they're very hard to find now though.
Because despite the character branding that encouraged you to collect them,
they were still just use-and-bin items in an age where recyclers wore beards & sandals,
and eBay sounded like something out of Joe 90. ( Joe what ? try this )

Product Launch

All the survivors I've seen carry a 1970 copyright mark.

But the official launch took place on the 17th of August,1971,at the Savoy Hotel in London.

The event featured 3 young children -2 boys and a girl.
The girl was 3 year old Nicola Burrage,but the identity of both the boys is unknown.
And an official launch photo also begs more questions than it answers unfortunately.
With the 2 most obvious ones being ....

1. Why the lack of any noticeable branding,in what was supposed to be a photo opportunity for the press  ?
Even the tube in the boy's hand is largely obscured.


2. Why the incongruity between the Savoy Hotel location and the decidedly amateurish looking set-up  ?
With just an ordinary washing-up bowl on a bare table.
Which is a bit like turning up to a full-blown church wedding dressed in shorts and flip-flops.

Admittedly observations just based on one photo of course.So you'd like to think the rest of the presentation was a bit more professional.

Advertising campaign

There were no tv ads. But there was a print campaign ...

All the text should be completely legible,unless your browser has reduced the image.

The first one, to the right, is actually the latest one that I currently know about,date-wise.
Because it featured in a pantomime programme at the end of 1975.
And provides the only proof so far of just how successful the product was ...
when you remember it had launched over 4 years earlier.

These next 4, below, .... all featured in women's magazines in the autumn of 1971.
These last 3,below ..... all featured in children's comics during 1971 or 1972.