TV Ludo Game
Made by Michael Stanfield Products,under it's "Pleasure Products" banner in 1970.

Michael Stanfield were a well known maker of kids' board games around that time.
And they also did some great press-out model books too.

The box for this measures approximately 11" x 8"
According to the back,it's supposed to contain a board,a cup for the dice ("shaker"),a single dice and 16 counters.

The shaker is missing from this example unfortunately.
But the counters are obviously original as they're colour-coded to match the board.And,that being the case,we'll assume the dice is original too,until proven otherwise.
At which point I need to offer my sincere thanks to Nick Claxton for taking the time to send in these pics.

Especially since it's the only example of this item that I've ever seen.
Which is really surprising because I'd always assumed that Ludo sets were still reliable sellers in the 60's and 70's.
And that's even without the added oomph of a Camberwick branding.
So,quite what the story is with this one I'm not sure.

Always nice to see a still photograph used for the box,rather than an illustration.
Particularly when it was one of those that was specifically staged and shot just for merchandising purposes.

And a great looking board too.

Although it's no surprise that the artist isn't credited,because they never were for some reason.
But it's very styllistically similar to a lot of the Trumptonshire books of the 60's and early 70's,and almost certainly by someone who worked on those too.