Camberwick Wind-Up Figures
A set of 3 wind-up,clockwork toys produced by "MM Toys" in 1966.

I believe "MM Toys" may have had something to do with Louis Marx of Swansea,but I could be wrong.
And you'll often see these sorts of wind-up walking figures described as "ramp walkers" [or "rampwalkers"]

Made of plastic,they're each about 15cm tall.And pictured below are the full set of 3 produced :- 
Captain Snort,Windy and PC McGarry.
All from Camberwick of course,as it was the year before Trumpton hit the screens.Although they didn't go on to make any from Trumpton.And they certainly played it safe here too,because these are arguably the 3 main characters from the series.

The photos were rescued from an old ebay listing and,for some reason,I didn't take a note of how they were described.
But you'd have to imagine there's a very good chance they were ex-shop stock judging by the condition of both box and toy,nevermind the inclusion of the original plastic bag for the key.
Either way,a cracking little buy for someone and a rare opportunity for us,because even unboxed examples aren't that easy to find.