Windmill Bakery ceramics
A company letter I've managed to obtain is dated 1988 and confirms they were designed (from left to right) for "Marmalade","Honey" and "Jam".
It was sent to customers who'd made an initial purchase of just one pot as a "further offer" to entice them to buy the other two.And you could secure them both for just £4.59 each,plus one wrapper from the Bakery's range. Although it's unclear how much of a saving that actually was.

They're each approximately 5.5" tall (16cm).
And they all carry the "Windmill Bakery" stamp on the base. But there's no indication which factory made them. 
Any good  ?

Well the moulding isn't that crisp .... the painting's so-so .... the lids rattle about a bit more than they probably should .... and you didn't get a spoon.
All of which is ridiculous nit-picking of course,considering they were a £5-a-time bread promotion.

Because they may be cheap,but they're undoubtedly cheerful and very hard not to like.
Which is saying something because I confess that ceramics,of any description,do very little for me to be honest.

But of all the Trumptonalia china I actually like these the best,simply because they put a smile on my face.
And whilst I'm well aware that Beswick and Harrop are far better quality,I just don't find them particularly engaging.
Which probably just goes to prove what a philistine I am,but there you go.

Any use  ?

I'm not sure how many people still decanted their jam into purpose-made pots even in 1988,nevermind today.
But if you like your ornaments to double-up as somewhere to store your paper clips then Windy's yer man.

So they're fun and functional,and even I would've bought a few loaves to get them .... had I actually known they existed !
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Three ceramic Windy Miller preserve pots,produced as a sales promotion by the Windmill Bakery.

And quite possibly the most obvious commercial tie-up in Windy's long career !