"Wipe Away" Colouring set
A set produced by Dekkertoys Ltd of St.Albans in 1997

Proof that there's very little that hasn't been done already,as it mirrors an earlier 1960's Camberwick version shown here 
The box is approximately 11.5" x 9.25"

The contents,exactly as listed on the box,are as follows:-

  • Reusable plastic colouring sheet.Size approx. 39.5" (100cm) square. [shown in full in next photo]
  • 8 non toxic wax crayons [shown in last photo]
  • and cleaning cloth [shown in last photo]

Any good   ?

Well,only a small child would know the answer to that.
As if I ever let that stop me of course ! Soooo ....

First and foremost,it's asking a lot of a pre-schooler to fill in a ridiculous amount of detail armed only with a bunch of stub-nosed implements.
Which is a bit like handing Michaelangelo a broom and telling him to paint the Sistine Chapel.

And I just wonder how long it would take for your wipe-away sheet to suffer permanent discolouration  ?
Because everyone knows how unforgiving crayons can be,particularly when the "wipe away cloth" that's supplied isn't some magically impregnated product,but just a bog-standard "J cloth" -for anyone who remembers those.

And the note,shown at the bottom of the page,does little to inspire confidence either.
In short,just 15 minutes of frustration for the artistically challenged and a few hours of work for mum clearing up the almost inevitable crayon fall-out !
This note would've been a lot more useful if it had been printed on the box of course,rather than tucked away inside.
Some classic "now they tell me" cautionary tales.
Oh,I see ....... And the good points about wax crayons are what exactly   ?!