Codeg Cambw. miniatures
The 4 buildings and the 13 characters were also available to buy in seperate sets

Details as follows :-

 "Camberwick Green Village Folk",shown below,contained all the 13 characters that came in the set above ....along with the pillar box too.

This set carries a 1968 copyright mark and has the Codeg reference number X 309/1
You can probably recognise them all. But,just in case.... left to right........

Mrs Murphy ... Farmer Bell ... Mary Murphy ... Paddy Murphy ... Mickey Murphy ... Mr.Carraway ... Roger Varley ... Mrs Honeyman ... PC McGarry ... Mrs Dingle ... Pillar box ... Peter the Postman ... Dr.Mopp ... Windy Miller

Footnote - Not to be confused with another Codeg set,that has exactly the same title. As they were much larger,moveable characters and have their own page within the site here
A range of miniature models of Camberwick's buildings & inhabitants,made by Codeg [ Cowan De Groot ]

The "Camberwick Green Village Set" ,shown below,was effectively the top of the range box set.
It came complete with a diorama printed inside the box,and was released in 1966.
The box is about 30cm long. And the characters range in height from about 2.5cm to 3.5cm.
  • The Murphy's Bakery (door opens)
  • Mr. Carraway's Fish Shop (shutter opens)
  • Mrs.Dingle's Post Office (door opens)
  • Doctor Mopp's house (door opens)
  • 13 different characters
  • - 1 tree with seat around base.
  • - 1 length of wall with green gate (behind tree in photo)
  • - 1 pillar box
  • - 1 street light
The back of the box is very rarely seen online,so I've included a pic here 
I don't think it's too unkind to say that the closer you are the worse they look. And the faces are so poorly painted you'd think some of the kids who received them could probably have done a better job (and I daresay a few tried !)
But I'll let you make your own mind up as,with the exception of Jonathan Bell,they're all shown in close-up in this photo
So............We've dealt with 2 of the 3 sets.
There's the main "Village Set" boxset at the top of the page
And the "Village Folk" set where you could get all the characters seperately.
Which only leaves the "Camberwick Green Village Series".

And all very logical and symmetrical it was too.
Because the "Village Series" was simply a way to buy all 4 of the "Village Set" buildings individually.

Set No.1 - The Bakery
Set No.2 - The Fish Shop
Set No.3 - The Post Office
Set No.4 - Doctor Mopp's house/surgery

As you can see,each one also came with some of the figures. And whilst it's difficult to establish which ones came with which,at least the Post Office mirrors 2 others I've seen. 
I've yet to find any pics of the Bakery and Doctor Mopp's house.

And it should also be noted that the 2 examples in the above photo feature a later packaging redesign.
Because the original 1966 boxes had the same colour scheme/design as the back of the Village Set box -that was also mirrored to some extent on the Village Folk set.And they only had a clear window to the front,with a solid cardboard top and no stand-up bit of card at the back.
Sadly,I've never had any of the blue ones in my possession,which is why I'm presuming they didn't state which figures you were supposed to get with each one. And why I'm also not 100% sure about the date,although I'm pretty certain they're from 1968.
Either way,they clearly did well enough to last 2 years [at least] and merit the revamp.
And it's not too hard to see the appeal,despite my rather sniffy comments about the quality of the finish.As if any pre-schooler was actually bothered about such things.

And that's just about all the information I have so far.
Hopefully the Codeg catalogues from 1966 to at least 1968 will turn up at some stage.

And if you can help with that,or anything else on this page,then please do. (contact email on home page)