Camberwick Village Folk
A set of 6 "Camberwick Green Village Folk" figures produced by Codeg [Cowan de Groot)

1966 - Initially sold individually, as featured below.

1967 - Re-released a year later in a boxset exactly the same dolls,just in one large box. But I've only got a rather blurry 2nd hand pic of that one so far - here 

And,not to be confused with ...... a different set Codeg produced at the same time - also rather unhelpfully called "Camberwick Green Village Folk" - but done in the form of miniatures. And you can find those here

Left to right....

Mickey Murphy [baker] ...... PC McGarry ...... Windy ......Thomas Tripp [milkman] ...... Peter Hazell [postman] ...... and Dr.Mopp.
Each one is about 15cm tall,and the head and arms are jointed and moveable but not the hands,legs or feet.

The clothing is held on by simple popper fastenings,and the ones below are pretty typical of the sort of dishevelled condition most survivors turn up in.
I suppose any half-decent seamstress could knock up some very convincing replacement clothing,even if it would be tricky to find an exact match for the material.
Although not such good news for any purist collectors who value originality of course.

I've seen more than enough examples to know that the ones above all seem largely correct -with the exception of PC Mcgarry,who should have a badge on his helmet and 5 buttons.

And I can also definitely confirm that none of them originally came with any accesories,like a black bag for Dr.Mopp or a sack for Peter the Postman [unlike the Louis Marx "Twistables" -page here]

If you missed the earlier paragraph beginning "1967",the photo link there actually shows them in better nick.
And the fact they sold in big enough numbers to warrant such a follow-up boxset also explains why they aren't as hard to find as you might have assumed.

Below .....I've included a better view of all 4 sides of the box - which are identical for each of the 6 dolls except for the "This Box Contains" panel.So if you're looking for a box to go with your doll,don't let their similarities fool you into thinking they're all inter-changeable .....because they're not.    cont.....
The rather startling view of Peter Hazell's backside is included as confirmation that the body and legs are one complete moulded piece,whilst the arms and head are jointed,although the head joint doesn't show up in the photo.

So the only different bits on each doll are the heads,which all have "Made in Hong Kong" stamped on the back of the necks.Which is rather ignominious,but maybe a small price to pay for a body like that,and confirmation that Mickey Murphy wasn't the only guy in Camberwick with great buns ! (sorry,couldn't resist it.)