Q. This site   ?

I put together the trumpton3 site,and decided the merchandise was a big enough subject to merit a site of its own.
So here it is.

It's a reference library,not a shop.
Simply an attempt to catalogue the items and find out as much as we can for the benefit of anyone who's interested.

And whilst the obvious follow-up questions are "Why you ?", "Why Trumpton ?",and "Why bother ?" ....
I'm afraid the best I can come up with is "Why not ?". Which even I find rather unsatisfactory. So let's move on ....

Q. How complete is the site ?

As I write this in early 2024,the majority of items are on site already.  But ....

.... there are still quite a few items I need to upload ....  

.... all the existing pages are continually being updated and improved ....

.... and I'm still finding things that I'd been blissfully unaware actually existed.

Q. How much current merchandise is there   ?

None. And nothing since the late 1990's.

With the one notable exception being the Robert Harrop figures that appeared every year from 1997 to 2014.
At which point even they ceased regular production,except for random one-off's.

If you see any new stuff on ebay like printed t-shirts,mugs,badges etc they'll be unlicensed rip-offs.
And that's why they won't be featured here.

Q. How much is it worth   ?

I decided there's really not much point mentioning sale prices on site because of all the variables involved.
ie. First and foremost,condition.
But also,where it was sold.And if on ebay,how and when it was listed....  etc. etc.

I've been a keen enough observer of prices over the years to know what most things should go for.
But if I was clever enough to accurately 2nd guess what everyone was willing to pay,I'd be able to afford a house like  Chester J. Lampwick's.

Not that it really matters anyway,because most items can be picked up very cheaply.
Although unusual or mint & boxed examples can go for surprisingly large amounts.
And I'll probably make reference to those - if only because I need to write it down to believe it myself sometimes.

Q. How many of the items do you personally own ?

"Not that many" is the simple answer.
Which is maybe a little surprising.But I'm not really much of a collector of anything to be honest.

The few items I do have are kept because they're unusual for some particular reason.
But that's as far as I'll ever be taking it.

Q. Can you clarify the site URL ?

The site's original url was trumptonalia.homestead.com.
But,mainly due to a change in Google's listing policies,it was changed to just plain "trumptonalia.com" in Feb.2023.

Bottom line .... exactly the same site .... officially now just trumptonalia.com .... but the old address will still work too.

Q. Can I add,correct or ask something   ?

Please do ....

-- End --
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