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Toys Section 2 -  Mechanical

Friction Drive Windy Tricycle  by Codeg

Friction Drive Dr.Mopp Car  by Louis Marx

Camberwick Wind-Up Figures  by MM

Climbing Fireman  by Louis Marx

Talking Fire Engine  by Bradgate
Board and Card Games 

Snakes & Ladders  by Topsail Games

Camberwick Race Game  by Arrow

Camberwick Snap  by Medallion Press

TV Lotto  by Medallion Press

TV Dominoes  by Medallion Press

TV Ludo  by Michael Stanfield Products

Camberwick Bagatelle  by Louis Marx
Make and Create

Paint by Numbers  by Philmar

Camberwick Wipe-Off Cards  by  Chad Valley ( ? )

Wipe Away Colouring set  by Dekkertoys (1990's)

Plasticine Sets  by Harbutts

Rub Down Transfers  by Letraset

Slot-Together Models  by Emmann Products

Iron-On Motifs  by a Swiss manufacturer

Victory Play Tray  by G.J.Hayter

Knitted figures  by Alan Dart

Camberwick Jigbits  by Kiddicraft
Toys Section 1 - Non-mechanical

Camberwick Village Folk  by Codeg

Camberwick Miniatures  by Codeg

Squeeky Toys  by Combex

Camberwick Skittles  by Codeg

Pop-Up and Flop Figures  by OK Toys

Flashy Flickers Projector  by Louis Marx

Twistables figures  by Louis Marx

Stand-Up Cut-Out wooden figures  by Philmar
Household items

Paper Cups & Plates  by Pleasure Products

Egg Cups  by MM of Hong Kong

Biscuit Tin  by Kemps of Grimsby

1966 to 1979  >  Camberwick     Trumpton     Chigley

Manufacturers:- Arrow Games & Falcon Games

1980 to present (all 3 series

Manufacturers:- Handley Printers, Abydos & JoyBlocks.

Note - Camberwick "Jigbits" under "Make and Create"

Postcards  by Arthur Dixon

Beswick         Danbury Mint         Robert Harrop

Windmill Bakery
Media - Music,PC etc.

Vinyl LP Records & CD by various labels

Trumpton PC Fun Pack  by Allsorts Distribution
Toys Section 3 - Textile

Rag Bricks  by Dean and sons

Glove Puppets  by Chad Valley

Camberwick Figures  by H.C.Ford (aka H.C.F)
Notable absentees

These are all items that you may be surprised not to see included above.
And even more surprised when you learn that they don't actually exist.
Notable brands and manufacturers of the time who could well have hooked up with Trumptonshire .... but didn't.

Why   ?  Who knows.
Although you'd have thought it was more likely to be a failure to agree terms,rather than no contact at all.

But,whatever the reasons,definitely some opportunities missed.
And some are more glaring than others ....

Pelham Puppets.

Surprising,as Gordon Murray spent his whole career at the BBC working with string puppets.
And they did hook up with other kids' contemporaries like The Magic Roundabout and The Wombles.

But perhaps the most striking thing,in retrospect,is the irony that all those series were made using stop motion.
A medium which played a large part in the disappearance of string puppets from UK tv screens.

And which,in turn,meant Pelham went from mainstream .... to niche .... and then bankruptcy.
Although it should also be said that poor management and the failure to diversify and innovate were entirely self-inflicted.

Corgi and Dinky Toys.

Not a single Trumptonshire product from either company.
Which is particularly odd when you consider the amount of vehicles featured in all 3 series.
And whilst many were a bit underwhelming,the fire engine was probably worth the cost of a license on its' own.
Although it has been suggested that maybe the audience demographic was just a bit too young for these brands ( ? )

Chad Valley "Give-A-Show" Projector.

Actually,Chad Valley did  make a "Watch With Mother" Give-A-Show set in 1968 .... but it didn't feature Trumptonshire.

Instead,Gordon Murray hooked up with the Louis Marx company,who produced a rival product called "Flashy Flickers" 
And,apart from Disney,there seems to have been little,if any,licensing crossovers between the two.
( item listed above under "toy section 1" )

Huntley and Palmers Biscuit Tins.

Perhaps a slightly less obvious merchandising opportunity,until you realise the company produced sets of tins for other pre-school tv series like Muffin the Mule,as well as a Watch With Mother contemporary "The Herbs".

And it wasn't as though Trumptonshire was a biccie-free zone either,because Kemps of Grimsby produced a cracking little one-off in 1968,listed above under "Household Items".

Melamine Tableware by Gaydon.

Melamine was one of those classic 60's innovations.
Harder to break than traditional ceramics.But also easily scratched and subject to discolouration and fading.
And much of it was soon consigned to landfill,where it sits with hundreds of tons of other brave-new-world design.

Gaydon made plates and cereal bowls featuring the likes of The Pogles and The Magic Roundabout amongst others.
So you'd have thought some Trumptonshire examples were almost inevitable,and destined to be just as popular.
But someone clearly had other ideas,sadly.

In the pipeline ....

These are all items that I know exist,but aren't listed on the site yet.

Either due to a lack of information.Or simply just making the time to do it. 

Bendy toy -Windy Miller- 60's                      "Play Stage" set by Action Games -70's                       Royal Mail stamps - 2014

Tea towel by Blackstaff - 70's                                    Wallpaper by ICI. - 60's                 Camberwick Sculptorcraft - 60's

"Pencil By Numbers Colouring set" by Arrow Games - 60's                                  Various sets from the late 90's/Noughties

Camberwick curtains - 60's                             Books .... A new 2024 update about their absence  Here

                                                                                                  -- End --
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